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At Littler Diecast, we assist our customers with the design of each project so that the final application expectations for each product can be met efficiently and accurately.

Our engineers utilize the Flow 3D™ simulation software which allows our team to accurately predict die casting results and make changes prior to completion of the die. This helpful tool, along with the expertise of our engineers, streamlines the die casting process to ensure production quality and accurate tooling composition while still in the design stage.
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Littler Diecast is known industry-wide for our ability to produce aluminum and zinc die castings with complicated geometry, tight tolerances, and minimal corrosivity.

Our high pressure, cold chamber die cast machines range from 450 tons to 1600 tons. Our wide selection of equipment gives us an even wider capability to produce the parts you need in the sizes and quantities you need them. Whether your part weighs less than 1 oz. to over 20 lbs., Littler Diecast has the production capabilities you are looking for and can produce in quantities ranging from under 100 to over 1 million.


At Littler Diecast, we have our own in-house tool room staffed with experts dedicated to maintaining and properly caring for your tooling. As our customer, we want you to experience the benefits of what a precisely-made, well-maintained tool can provide and the extended die life, production quality, and delivery efficiency that the proper care of our in-house tool room can offer.

Our tool room and experienced staff also offer production for high quality smaller tools as well as special machining fixtures and gauges for our CNC department.

Secondary Operations


At Littler Diecast, we have full CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, and lapping equipment that allow us to finish your components on-site, keeping your deliveries on-time and your quality up to expectations.


Our finishing department provides a variety of options for finished and deburred casting surfaces including shot blast or vibratory deburr castings with multiple grades of media types. Additionally, we offer a number of optional services such as painting, plating, decorative polishing and sanding.


Let the Littler assembly department handle the hard work for you. Our in-house team can provide you with a finished, assembled, ready-to-use component delivered directly to you, anywhere in the world.

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